Charter Deposit Insurance

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Charter Deposit Insurance

You’ll get your deposit refunded, if the owner or the charter company retains the deposit if the vessel is damaged.

  • sinking or accident
  • fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • natural disasters
  • theft and robbery

What is insured?

  • Covered under the chosen insured sum is the retention of the deposit by the owner/charter company due to: loss or damage of the chartered ship as a result of:
  • a shipping accident
  • sinking
  • fire
  • lightning strike
  • explosion
  • theft or robbery
  • damage due to natural disasters
  • sailing regattas are considered insured

You can see your detailed benefits and insured sums in the insurance application.

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What is not insured?

The insurance does not cover

  • natural wear
  • war, strike or seizure
  • loss and unintentional abandonment of equipment etc
  • damage that had already occurred upon acquisition of the ship and was overlooked
  • paintwork, scratches and impact damage

All reasons for exclusion can be found in the insurance conditions.

Are there any coverage restrictions?

  • Deductible per insured event: 10% of the deposit, but at least EUR 100,00
  • Deductible Regatta per insured event: 15% of the deposit, but at least EUR 200,00
  • The insurance shall only be valid for one charter
  • The insurance is only valid on the condition that the water sport craft is operated by a suitably qualified person. The skipper must hold the necessary skipper’s licence

The full coverage restrictions can be found in the insurance conditions.

Simply download the product information sheet (IPID) as a PDF here and read it through:


Where am I insured?

The insurance cover is valid within the contractually agreed geographic scope by sea, during launching and landing, during transportation, including loading, as well as while onshore

What are my obligations?

  • UNIQA must be informed about the insured risk fully and honestly –prior to contract conclusion and during the contract term.
  • The insurance premiums must be paid on time.
  • An insured event must be reported as soon as possible, and you must cooperate in the determination of the insured event and its consequences (e.g.: provision of original documents and surrendering of original receipts).
  • In the event of fire, explosion, burglary, theft and robbery you must notify the relevant security authority immediate
  • For other damages caused by third parties: they must be held liable immediately, in writing.

When and how do I pay?

When: the premium must always be paid in advance.

How: by bank transfer or credit card

When does the cover begin and end?

The insurance cover begins after contract conclusion (your receipt of our confirmation email) and receipt of the premium payment on the date requested by you, but at the earliest upon the actual commencement of the insured charter; and ends with the expiration of the requested period 24 clock; or with an early return of the boat to the charter company.

How can I cancel the contract?

If you are a consumer:

You can withdraw from the application and the contract within 14 days, without stating reasons. However, there shall be no right of withdrawal if there is less than one month between the immediate protection and the commencement of the journey.