Damage Report

Before reporting any damage online, please prepare the following documents:

Deposit Insurance

  • Pictures of the damage
  • Charter Contract
  • Checkin protocol
  • Checkout protocol
  • Invoice/Deduction receipt
  • further documents

Cancellation Insurance

  • To submit the cancellation insurance, you must first complete and upload the following form: Charter-cancellation-claim.pdf. Please download the form and have it filled out by the responsible authorities!
  • Please also send us the payment confirmation or reversal statement of the charter company in your e-mail, so that we can see the amount of the loss.

You can easily report the damage to us by e-mail. Please make sure that you have the above mentioned documents in full and send them along.

Send an e-mail to claims@boat-surance.com and do not forget to include the following information in this email:

Your personal data:

  • first name and surname
  • your actual place of residence
  • e-mail address
  • phone number where we can reach you

Insurance and damage data:

  • first name, name and date of birth of the skipper
  • insurance policy number (to be found on your electronic policy)
  • date of accident
  • For Charter Deposit Insurance: Description of the occurrence of the damage
  • For Charter Cancellation Insurance: which member of your crew has failed

Please keep in mind that we can process your case more quickly if you send all the documents and information completely!